Musika Camionetera

by Gringo Moko

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This album was recorded live at Sound Soul Studios by Alan Garcia in November 2010, in Zone 2 of Guatemala City, and released in 2011. This album has been sold at numerous public presentations in Guatemala in buses, in streets, in bars, and inside ancient volcano craters; this was the ticket to a traveling musician's adventure, and a great soundtrack for anyone on one of there own!


released March 21, 2013

Song writing credits, voice, guitar, percussion and kazoo: Chris Dobel
Accordion: Chofo Espinoza
Bass: Lenny Garcia
Additional singing (Que sabor tiene tequila?): SOFT
Recording and editing: Alan Garcia
Disc art: SOFT




Gringo Moko Oakland, California

The bulk of Gringo Moko's discography was composed improvisationally, from his time playing at bars and on buses across Guatemala. His sound is rooted in up-tempo Cumbia and Balkan beats, intermingled with folk, gospel, and alternative influences, and calls on a medley of improvised, digital, and DIY instruments to form the uniquely patchwork playstyle of his lively, high-energy live shows. ... more

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Track Name: Narquita Linda
Ay Narquita, Narquita linda, esta narquita, narquita mi amor

Que me trajiste Narquita linda, que me trajiste mi amor, narquita, narquita linda

Que me vendiste Narquita linda, que me vendiste mi amor, narquita, narquita linda

Tenga cuidado con la policia, tenga cuidado con la policía narquita, por que alli viene Narquita
Track Name: Once saw a fish
I once saw a fish jump out of the water; it didn’t stop now it just kept going
I once saw a fish jump out of the water; it didn’t stop now it didn’t stop now

Once I saw him over them butter pines with them aeroplanes in the deep blue sky
Said he took it easy round them turny bines cause once he got caught and
Spin spin spin…


Newton once said cause the apple fell, that everything’s got to come back down
But I know I fish that blew the truth, said I know a fish that blew the truth...
That gravity sucks….

Track Name: Down Syndrome
The last time I felt memories that made me break down a seeing stars
was just a month ago, how I remember so
I went to the Genesee store to see if Archie had hooked up on his Betsy B.
and, not to be displeased, front on the icy breeze
and I’m back through the middle and the back ads through
start to notice that I’m fixing on you, and them
bells are bragging lights off in the distant sight
and I’m back through the middle and ill sing it again
start to notice I’m your bestest friend
and that’s my final clue, that were bound to run to go....

down down down down down to the other side of town

well the second time I put my hand in flames
got caught in the middle of a drunken James
it aint just like I thought said I done and fought
with everyone that I ever knew, takes a while until you find it true that
no one heals so quick, like if they were never sick,
but look and look until you find, strains of something to distract the mind
then you before you know, you walked out the final door
with all your bags and dressed to the nines
you know you're going but you don’t know why
and now that’s the second clue that I’m bound to run to go


and lastly id just like to say
from the other side o heaven and the gates o hell
it all just looks the same, I ask you who to blame
cause if it ain´t god nor the devil himself
id say its from the mind of our own selves
that keeps us so unsure as to why life’s a blur
I tell you once and I tell you twice
but why take the word of an honest liar
if you too can decide what kind of face you wear
when they blow the ashes in your eyes
just when you thought that the best disguise would
take you far from hear
well you're bound to run to go
Track Name: Mr. Man
Now don’t you call me brother, I’d rather you call me Mr. man
And keep your dirty hands off my grill
And why don’t you tell your sister just why you had to let her drown
In Owl creek way down by the dell

And tell another story Mr. iron man bout the time that you kicked off the pill
Ill be here a listening with a tired sight cause you clearly have and un-muttered will.

Now why don’t you tell a story, I’d rather tell them one of yours as I just don’t think that mine would fit the bill
and don’t leave out no details, you cant forget one drop of blood nor one punch that you took to the teeth

Now tie me up and call me Susan with me you ‘ve got to pay with thrills
Its okay if you’ve got to tell me twice
And I remember cause I was there and I swear that I won’t tell no one cause everybody’s got to tell some lies
Track Name: Tip-Top
The whole thing works so slow from the beginning,
tip-top’s on your mind before you know
and I hear your voice a screaming from the pillow
just breathe on in and deep to start the show

I said that you and me are going to take it far
Take in puffs o glue until the strays are straw
But I never thought id ever have to see
The same old type of smoke that came out of you and me

Well I say, no don’t get alarmed girl, things are gonna turn out aok
I promise you and your grandmother, ill not waste you for the day

I said everything that was around all on my face is painting
Working so hard to put myself on feet
I been jump jumping all morning on this bed lord
Wont you try to give me help to make me me

I see everyone over my shoulder And I don’t like just how they disappear
I see that everyone gets closer and closer, and that’s just what I start to begin to fear
Its that when I reach to touch theres no one there, and I cant get myself from beneathe the chair
Ive got them freaks that keep on riding all night long
But im gonna make the same time while the will is strong

But I cant take no more of this tip-top, you gonna have to get her off my mind
Its that shes been sitting on my shelf all day now, making blames just to pass my time
Track Name: Que sabor tiene tequila?
Que sabor tiene tequila, cuando llega a tus labios
Que sabor tiene tequila, dime dime por favor
Que sabor tiene tequila, cuando llega a tus labios
Que sabor tiene tequila, antes del amanecer

I said, Dime, dime, dime dime

Que sabor tiene tequila, cuando llega a tus labios
Que sabor tiene tequila, dime dime mi amor
Que sabor tiene tequila, cuando llega a tus labios
Que sabor tiene tequila, CUANDO? antes del amanecer
Track Name: Jes turn away
You know that I wanna be good lord
You know that I wanna be good
So jes turn your head away lord
Jes turn your head away

When I gotta be bad
When I gotta be bad
When I gotta be bad lordy
When I gotta be high

Now you know what I get to thinking
When I walk into a bar
Barmaid´s me a sayin´
Boy, you gonna go far

Jes turn away lord
Jes turn away
Jes turn away lordy
When I gotta get high….
Track Name: Jumpin' Jacobs
Well now Jumping Jacobs jumped the fence of the old town opry
Hiding down two bottles of shade way down his old pant leg
Well he reached up to the bandstand as the band began to play
And grabbed the first old lady he seen and he said let’s shake a leg

Well the two of them went dancing they went dancing left and right
Well the two of them went dancing now on late into the night
Till the lady she put all tight, cause she didn’t want to start a fight
And Jumping Jacobs jumped the ride and gave himself away

Well I’ll take you down to Mexico and show you all the things we need
To live our lives in harmony with out that shit called greed you know
I can hear them bottles crashing near and I can hear them crashing wide
And I don’t know how much time we got to get to the borderline
No once again.

Well in Las Vegas they said you could win if you only took a chance
And Jumping Jacobs walked her there a looking to a dance
And he took his lady wide he took her long you see him strong
But I fought myself and I fought them demons just like you need them gone

Track Name: Wouldn't you know
Never thought id feel lonesome, boy I guess I was wrong
When you’re, sitting there blue with a gram in your hand
And two angels by your side…
Wouldn’t you know?

Never thought I’d feel ugly, boy I guess I was wrong
When you, stare your self down to long in the mirror
You forget just who you are…
Wouldn’t you know?

Never thought id feel vengeful, boy I guess I was wrong
When you’re, picking your teeth all up off of the floor
And your open fist is raw…
Wouldn’t you know?


Well I, saw you by the bayou, way down by them railroad tracks
You wasn’t up to nothing, with a hatchet in your hand
I know that’s where they found her, little girl with a bloodied neck
But you know that I won’t say nothing, cause you’re my best friend yet